Safe Weight Loss

In this article I will provide you with the golden rules of losing weight safely. But before that let me enlighten you about the unsafe methods of losing weight. You will then find it easier to grasp what safe weight loss is all about.  Everyone want to lose weight by a certain time but for your health, don't be obsessed about losing 20 lbs in whatever length of time... take it easy.

Quick weight loss pills, supplements, herbal magic cures which claim to reduce your weight for you without your having to move even one finger, slimming centers which claim in their advertisements that they guarantee 7 pounds weight loss in 7 days or that they can effectively reduce 3 inches in 3 days are the fraudulent quick weight loss plans that you should stay away from.

No pill can reduce your weight for you, no matter what their advertisements might claim. They scream hoarse that they are safe and don’t cause side effects. But the truth is that most of these pills and supplements are banned or disapproved by FDA for the strong side effects they are accompanied with.

Some of the side effects are potentially life threatening. On top of this, most of these are ineffective and are a waste of money. Machines like vibrators used in cosmetic slimming centers end up wreaking havoc on your internal organs and in a particular case, even ended up displacing a hapless woman’s womb and uterus.

Therefore, avoid all these rapid weight loss wonder remedies which promise you the sky without involving any kind of physical exertion or exercise.

Crash dieting, fad diets like ATKINS, SOUTH BEACH, MIAMI, SUBWAY, GENERAL MOTORS, DETOX, RAW FOOD, THE ZONE  etc equally unhealthy and unsafe because they cause malnutrition, deplete the body of vital energy and concentrate on the intake of only one kind of food, while totally eliminating others.

Such a lack of balanced diet may successfully guarantee dramatic weight loss, but it’s impossible to survive on such frugal diets for long. You may even faint like those emaciated size 0 Hollywood celebrities who endorse these fad/gimmicky diets.

Golden rules for safe weight loss

There is no alternative to the tried and tested formula of proper diet and regular exercise.

Safe Diet

Cut out all sorts of junk food, fatty food, oil, spices, red meat etc and substitute them with fresh fruits, citrus fruits, green and colored vegetables, whole wheat products, brown bread, brown rice, fish, olive oil, canola oil, sesame oil, rice bran oil, Soya oil , lean meat, lean protein etc.

Drink plenty and plenty of water to wash away your toxins and suppress your appetite. Warm water helps to melt fat. Seasonal fresh fruit juices and green tea are good alternatives to aerated drinks.

Opt for Probiotic fat free desserts, low calorie sauces, blue cheese.

Exercises for safe weight loss

Resistance training, weight lifting, muscle building exercises, cardiovascular exercises, power yoga , aerobic exercises, cycling, running, jogging, brisk walking, swimming, playing your favorite outdoor sports, gymming, climbing stairs are all equally beneficial in reducing weight safely, gradually and for good.